About Us

The MOLO Village Community Development Corporation was created in February, 2011 as a nonprofit organization for charitable purposes. We call this project the MOLO (Xhousa, South African dialect for welcome) Village, in agreement with the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” MOLO is located in the historic Russell Community, a largely African American community with disproportionate high rates of poverty, unemployment and incarceration and low home ownership and high school graduation rates. Our goal is to grow a community of healthy, engaged and productive residents prepared to take their families and their neighborhood on a path to prosperity.

MOLO Village CDC is exempt from Federal Income Taxes under Section 501 (c) (3) under the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Your support will help us promote the programmatic thrust of this community development corporation, which was created to engage residents of west Louisville’s historic and rapidly evolving Russell neighborhood in holistic approaches to community development that will improve the quality of their lives.

MOLO Village Community Development Center Structure

Our inclusive village consists of five “hamlets” (or programmatic areas) each with a unique focus that grows a community of healthy, engaged and productive residents.

The Restored Village
Jefferson County Jail is located less than 1/2 mile from MOLO’s offices. Based on the Frontline Documentary “Prison State”, the city spends $15 Million per year on the incarceration of residents of Beecher Terrace lone. Programming within this village is uniquely designed to support ex-offenders and reduce recidivism.

Recovery Program – Tuesday’s 8pm-9pm and Saturday 2pm-3pm
The Restored Village is a multifaceted program of the MOLO Village Community Development Corporation working specifically with formerly incarcerated people. This is a population with high rates of substance abuse, poverty and history of trauma. As a part of the Village, MOLO hosts several recovery groups based on the 12 step program to help counter the addiction issues but includes anyone in the community. Over 600 men and women participate in sessions each week.

CTS Men’s Study – Wednesday’s at 7pm-9pm (closed to the public)
A seven week program for men preparing for reentry, with emphasis on emotional health and the building of positive relationships, tools which are necessary for the completion of reentry programs and successful utilization of a traditional skill set. The curriculum applies a multi-layered and holistic approach to assisting the newly released and includes mental health, employment and housing referrals. The program is currently offered three times per year with class sizes that range from 25-30. Since 2011 the program has been successfully completed by over 260 men. MOLO hopes to expand the program to four times a year in 2016 and include an additional module on Credit & Wealth Building.

The Healthy Village
All things health related fall under this area of the village. Exercise classes, healthy cooking, community garden, health fairs and clinics are made available for the community.


Trauma is a special area of concern in the MOLO community. When the trauma needs of ex-offenders are not address it can result in chronic depression and anxiety, suicidal tendencies, hostility, and an impaired ability to relate to others socially. MOLO has partnered with several local accredited  counselors to provide free or low-cost confidential services to individuals and families that may need immediate trauma informed counseling support

I AM MY SISTERS KEEPER (IAMSK) – Last Monday of each month – 6pm-7:30pm
IAMSK is a peer support network for women and families living with HIV/AIDS.
The program is designed to offer support, information, networking, and
encouragement for women living HIV/AIDS through monthly and fellowship.
The program is sponsored in part by a grant from the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance.

The Empowered Village
All things social justice and advocacy, education and employment, (Individual and Family)

The Empowered Village promotes awareness and teaches and encourages participants to find their voice and to stand against injustices and systems that seek to oppress people in a constructive and effective way. MOLO also encourages residents to participate in the political process and attend community forums that address neighborhood issues.

Education remains paramount to community engagement and neighborhood transformation. MOLO collaborates with several educational centers to refer our participants to GED classes. We also provide mentors to assist individuals working towards a GED, or planning to attend a trade school or college.

MOLO Credit and Asset Building Services – Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s 1pm-5pm, by appointment only. Call: 510-5227
MOLO and Justine Petersen, a national nonprofit organization have partnered to provide credit counseling and wealth building services to area residents. These services will help prepare Russell residents for new homeownership opportunities that will be created as a result of the CHOICE program and the city’s renewed focus on the rehabilitation of vacant homes.

The Future Village
All things for children and youth fall under this arm of the village.

MOLO Village Festival – Friday through Sunday – August 12th, 13th and 14th, 2016
This is the annual MOLO Community Festival which offers a variety of opportunities for community residents. At-risk youth have an opportunity to participate in positive cultural activities where responsible adult meets will be present to interact with them. Over 500 neighborhood residents participate in this event each year.

The Isiduko Village
All things for our senior adults


Senior Adult Activities and Senior Nutrition Program – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – 9am-1pm
The Senior Nutrition Program provides nutritional lunchtime meals to active senior citizens age 60 and older regardless of income promoting health throughout the community. The MOLO site also includes activities and fitness programs. Reservations are required. Call: 744-0951

SilverSneakers FLEX – Each Wednesday – 10am-11am
Classes and activities for senior adults include Latin-style dance, Strength and Balance, Circuit, walking groups and much more! Click here to find out if you are eligible